All the Things the Broadway BIA Does


7 Day a Week Cleaning of Broadway

We’ve hired Recology to clean the street and sidewalks of Broadway 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A healthy, prosperous commercial corridor must be clean, first and foremost! We rely on you too to help us figure out where problem areas are, either trash, graffiti, human waste, etc. We’re here to help keep Broadway as clean as possible.


Safe, Clear Sidewalks

Whether it’s a dumpster area that’s no longer working or tree wells that are clogged with water or garbage, we keep our eye on the worst spots in our urban village and put together a plan to fix it and then get to work. Every year, the sidewalks of Broadway get more traction and we’re there every step of the way to make sure they’re inviting and welcoming for all.



Whether it’s flower baskets in the spring and summer or tree lighting in the winter, we want to make sure Broadway is attractive and inviting to visitors and residents alike.


Marketing & Events

Shopping is big during Christmas. Pride is the biggest day of the year for many restaurants and shops. Hilloween brings all the kids to the Hill. Clean Sweep is the biggest volunteer event throughout the year. All of these events makes Capitol Hill and Broadway more attractive and engaged in the community, and your rate-payer dollars goes to support all these great efforts.