Our rate-payers help fund 7-day-a-week cleaning of Broadway, Graffiti removal, event marketing, advocating to the city, and clean and safe streets and sidewalks.


What’s a BIA?

A BIA is a Business Improvement Area and was established by city ordinance to create commercial corridors that pay into a fund to collectively address the street-level issues of cleanliness and safety and to promote the community through events and marketing. The Broadway BIA was established in 1986.


“A vibrant, prosperous commercial district is possible when we work together for the good of small businesses and residents.”



Our Projects


We are constantly figuring out how to make Broadway more prosperous and vibrant through seasonal activations, our multi-year tree well project, and our hotspot program.

Our Mission

We are nothing without our rate-payers. Together, we help keep Broadway healthy, safe, clean, and prosperous. We respond to you, not the other way around. Our door is always open and you are always welcome to join in the fun of making Broadway the best place to do business in Seattle!

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. Simply send us an e-mail! Join our advisory committee and maybe even eventually join the board. Even volunteer for one of Capitol Hill’s great events.

Our History

The Broadway Business Improvement Area (BIA) is the second oldest BIA in the City of Seattle. It was formed in 1986 by business owners in Capitol Hill’s historic commercial district to raise funds to clean sidewalks, hang flower baskets and banners, advertise and fund events and programs. It was expanded in 2014 by City Ordinance 124514 to include Broadway businesses between Pike and Roy Street E. Here is a map of the current service area.